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Learn from patient safety events

Using this service, health and social care staff can:

  • Record information about things that could have or did affect the safety of patients, or things that have gone well, in order to support learning and safety improvement
  • Access, review and update event records they have permission to edit, and undertake governance activities to support local patient safety response and improvement
  • View and download data about what patient safety events have been recorded within their own organisation, or by organisations within their Integrated Care Board (ICB) or region to the new Learn From Patient Safety Events (LFPSE) service according to their level of access

Information is available about the project to design and implement this new service.

Please read our FAQ regarding recording events as a social care provider.

e-Form users

If you were redirected to this page from the NRLS GP e-Form, we have a dedicated webpage providing specific information for primary care organisations about the introduction of the Learn From Patient Safety Events service.

NRLS Reporting portal users

Patient Safety recording has transitioned to the Learn from Patient Safety Events (LFPSE) service.

If you were redirected to this page from the NRLS Reporting portal, please remove the URL from your browser's bookmarks.

Contact your Local Risk Management System (LRMS) provider if you wish to discuss connecting your organisation’s LRMS to the LFPSE service.

Before you start

This service is available to all care provider organisations in England.

Read more about how we learn from recorded patient safety data.

Sign in

You will need to create an NHS England Applications account and sign in if you want to:

  • save draft patient safety event records
  • review patient safety event records you have previously submitted
  • update patient safety event records you have previously submitted
  • access data about what your organisation, or organisations within your ICB or region have recorded
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Record a patient safety event anonymously

You can record a patient safety event without creating an account and signing in. You will not be able to save drafts, review or update previous records, or retrieve this record.

Record anonymously

Patient, family and carer reporting of patient safety incidents

Patients, families and carers can report patient safety incidents to the NRLS using the public e-Form.

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